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The electric company arrived on Saturday at 4 p.m. to fix a fuse on a pole in one of the pastures that brought electric back to us and our neighboring farms.  We have to admit that the five guys who arrived in two big trucks were greeted like a liberating army!  We tied Samson up in the pasture and they managed to get a big bucket truck through one of the gates, and by about 5:30 we were back in this century (after 7 days and 22 hours).  The first thing we did was run down to the barn and get all the exhaust fans working again. The sheep usually spend most of their time outside but depend on the barn for some relief during the hottest part of the day.   It had been a miserable week for the sheep with temperatures in the 90’s and high humidity.
Sunday… finally… some very much needed rain arrived.  Things have cooled down a little, and it’s a relief not to have to draw water out of the cistern with a rope and bucket.  
As of yesterday, there were still 35,000 homes without electricity in West Virginia.  We are praying that relief comes to them soon. 

4 thoughts on “Back On

  1. As much as I say I would love to have lived in 'the olden days' I get pretty whiny without power. Glad your power is back and hopefully the rest of West Virginia will have theirs soon.

  2. I too would have loved to live in the "olden days" but with electricity, refridgeration, computers and my truck, LOL. That's a long time of using a bucket and rope to get water. I have had problems lately with pump switch problems, trying to keep all the critters watered in 106 degree temps is no fun when pump doesn't want to work. Finally fixed yesterday, yay, sevral more days coming in the 100's want cold water for the critters.

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