Weaning Day

The lambs seldom nurse and have become much more independent; some days spending more time with other lambs than with their mamas.  All of the lambs are now over 60 days old.  Those precious moments between mama and lamb are over until next spring.  It’s weaning day.  Each lamb is weighed and given advice ~ “Be brave.”  “Be strong.”  “Don’t let the bigger lambs pick on you.”
“Don’t worry,” we tell the mamas, “we’ll take good care of your little ones.  We love them too.” 
As always, barncat Davita is right in the middle of all the action, doing her best to help with the record keeping.  One by one we work our way through the lambs and ewes.  The ewes out the side door and in to a moving lane, going to the pasture by the knoll.  The lambs will go out through the corral and on to the graveyard field.  There are two paddocks and four fences in between them.  Even so the next couple days are full of separation anxiety and they can be quite determined to get back together. 
It is a bittersweet day, but new friendships will be formed, old alliances will be re-kindled.  In a few days… all will, once again, be quiet in the pasture.

8 thoughts on “Weaning Day

  1. Bittersweet isn't it? It always makes me a little sad for both the mamas and the babies. How is Boaz? Let me know when we can come get him… The girls are doing wonderfully. It's been so hot for them though. They spend their afternoons in the cool of the block barn but they still get so hot. I have a big fan for them too. Poor girls, I keep telling them, fall is getting closer every day.

  2. What a sweet post today! I can almost feel the pain of separation. Although necessary, it is still a little sad! Great shots – and so glad Davita was there to help you keep things straight!

  3. We just went through this not long ago. It is my least favorite 2 days of the year. Very necessary, but my mama's heart can't take it.

  4. well, I see you saved the "quiet" part until the end of the post. I can imagine the noise. Hard on the heart.
    We got the T-shirts and LOVE them! Thanks so much!

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