Searching for Boaz

All summer long, we have been on a quest to find the perfect candidates for Crossed Arrows Homestead.  We have been searching for Boaz, Rebecca’s new ram.  We watched as the ram lambs grew and developed.  Finally, we feel we have identified a wonderful group of ram lambs for her to choose from… very healthy, fast growing, great loin length and beautiful wool.  Here they are…
1219 ~ out of Rosey Posey and Aragorn, Border Leicester cross (2nd in line)

1221 ~ out of Princess and Aragorn, Border Leicester cross (far left)
1222 ~ out of Poppy and Poseidon, long wool cross, color factored
1212 ~ out of Bertha and Aragorn, Border Leicester cross, color factored

We are really excited to see which ram lamb Rebecca chooses!  How about you?  Which one do you think she’ll pick?

8 thoughts on “Searching for Boaz

  1. Beautiful rams – respect!

    – My vital ram Paul sometimes is naughty and boxing me, for example when he is angry, frustrated or cocky. He sometimes makes the stable-work complicated, because he is always here,jumping over fences and lover of humans more than sheep, because he is a "bottle-child" (somebody found him as a baby and gave him the bottle and too many fondles). Do you have a good trick how to shelter against his fights?

  2. Oh, I feel so honored to have a blog post about our farm. We will be there on Saturday to choose. I can't wait to see them in person. Everything I have read about the Border Leicester says they are a skittish sheep but ours have not read the book yet. They are so loving and affectionate. I am so proud of them and how beautiful they are. I can never thank the girls at Sheeps and Peeps Farm for getting us started with such quality animals. Every one that sees our ewes are so impressed. Thanks again girls. I'll see you Saturday. Rebecca

  3. I wouldn't know which one to choose…they all look wonderful! It sure sounds like Aragorn is a busy ram! I love his name! The 1221 group out of Princess and Aragorn have some brown ones…that would be an interesting different color to have.

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