A Gold Star for Rosey Posey

Back on April 26th, our six-year-old ewe, Rosey Posey, gave birth to twins – a ram weighing 12 lbs 6 ozs and a ewe weighing 13 lbs 7 ozs.  Just think about it, that’s almost 26 lbs of lamb she was carrying.
Eighty-one days later, at weaning, her ram lamb weighed 78 lbs and her ewe lamb weighed 68 lbs.  Our girl, Rosey, raised 146 lbs of lambs with a very respectable .8 and .68 rate of gain per day.  This is pretty good for a longwool breed ewe, especially with twins.     

1219 and 1220 have grown into beautiful, very healthy, 5 1/2 month old lambs.  We haven’t weighed them since weaning because we haven’t needed to.  They have scored either a one or two on the FAMACHA scale everytime, so neither lamb has needed to be wormed all summer. 

So, Rosey Posey a gold star for you!  Thank you, girl, for a job very well done!

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