A Sense of Normalcy

The farm is getting back to some sense of normalcy.  All the trees are cut off the exterior fencing, so we could get the electric to the hot wires turned back on.  There are still trees that need to be cut in the pastures, but they are not a safety issue.  Where fencing couldn’t be repaired quickly, we set up temporary fencing in new areas.  To make a long story short, all the animals are back in the groups they are supposed to be in… if not in the planned area, at least in a safe area.  
We’re several weeks behind in our breeding preparations, and hope to catch up this weekend.  It’s not the season we planned, but we’re adjusting.  As you can see in the bottom photo, there are still some lingering patches of snow on the north side of the hills.  We’ve been lucky to have about a week of nice, almost 50 degree weather to work in. 
And… as always… it’s great to have our girls back in the barnyard pasture.
Ours prayers are still with all those who were hit by Sandy… friends visited from New Jersey last weekend… the devastation there is unbelievable.

6 thoughts on “A Sense of Normalcy

  1. Glad things are getting back to normal, always concerned for folks with critters having to deal with Mother Natures Wrath. Interesting east coast needs help and Obama is off offering money to Myamar (sp?) I could spell Burma ……… after years of reading Burma Shave signs all along the road sides. Ooooops just gave away my age. Take care, stay safe.

  2. Normal is a very underrated state of being…we only really appreciate it when things go awry. I think of it as the Land of Lost Content, as in the Houseman poem…I am glad to come here and see your beautiful homestead returning to content of some kind.

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