Looking through some photos we’ve taken for Shutter Sisters’ One Word Project, we’re reminded of how much we wish we could show you pictures of the shepherdess/s going about the farm chores in beautiful hand-knit sweaters and yes, maybe even mittens.  As we go through the day, we sometimes have visions of Grandma Lena in her flowered work dress and apron gathering eggs in the chicken house.
Truth is… we are messy… chores often become more like a scene out of a slapstick comedy than a farm living magazine.  Barn cats pounce out of hiding to attack coverall-covered legs.  Rams get that look in their eye and send a shepherdess sprawling down a muddy wet hillside.  Our well loved, leather gloves are worn until the fingertips are frayed, because honestly, that’s just when they are really getting broken-in.  By the time we get back to the house our quilt-lined flannel shirt’s pockets are full of hay, muddy baler twine and other treasures depending on the day’s adventures.
But… one day… one day, we’ll surprise everyone and show-up at the chicken coop in a feed-sack-like-flowered work dress, an apron with large pockets and a beautiful basket to gather the eggs.  And maybe… just maybe, we’ll do some non-hay-feeding-chores in one of those beautiful hand-knit sweaters.  When it happens… don’t worry… we’ll be sure to take pictures!

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5 thoughts on “Wistful

  1. So true, pockets full of hay, hair full of hay, boots full of hay, then there is the mud that finds me when I try to feed the pigs. You know if you see photos in fancy sweaters and hand knit hats that no chores were done during that photo shoot.

  2. (sigh) all too true…
    I realized the other day that I can no longer blame my dirty car on the farm though – that is just pure laziness.
    Nothing like good gloves : )

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