Father Winter’s Visit

Father Winter hunkered down for a visit over the holidays bringing all his friends – freezing fog, ice, wind and snow.

While making it difficult to get through daily chores, they have created a winter wonderland that is beautiful to behold.

Every surface is covered with ice.  Every tree is covered with frost.  Many times the same twig has hard rime on one side and soft rime on the other.  Blue skies have been rarely seen, but occasionally the sun would force its way through creating a world full of sparkle.

The sheep, along with the dogs, have packed down snowy paths and feeding areas.  They all really prefer to spend most of the time out in the midst of it all, seeming to only sheek shelter during the windiest of the storms.  Well equipped, by Mother Nature, they are constantly showing off all that wonderful, wooly insulation.

5 thoughts on “Father Winter’s Visit

  1. We just went to Colorado for the first time; I had NEVER seen snow like that. We live in Eastern New Mexico, so we get snow, but it's never more than a couple inches. I was flabbergasted. It sparkled and went up to my knees. It was fluffy and … well, I'm sure you know all this.

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