mosey + plod :: two


It’s time for week two of mosey + plod.  Let’s meander though the back pasture… look there’s Daisy waiting by the gate to welcome us.  We are all enjoying a break in the wintry weather with sunshine and temperatures near sixty.
Looking back over our shoulder, Moe is standing guard at the fence, stamping his feet, making sure that Raven is not going to somehow sneak inside the pasture. 

Walking down the hill toward Madison, we come to the little wooden bridge we built across the gully.  For some reason it always reminds me of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and as usual I start mimicking The Troll “Who’s that trip-trapping across my bridge?” in my scariest, deepest troll-like voice.  Luckily, there is no troll waiting for us today, and we make it safely across with just a little slipping and sliding on the mossy boards.


Making the turn up the hill we find evidence of the wild turkeys, squirrels and chipmunks feasting under the hickory and walnut trees.  There still seems to be plenty of mast on the ground so hopefully the wildlife will have a good winter.
After following us for awhile and checking our pockets for carrots, Liam and the rest of the sheep have lost interest in us and have gone back up to the top of the pasture to graze.  They are intent on finding what ever green bits they can while there is no snow cover.


Walking on through the pasture to one of the bottom gates, if we look through the trees, we can see Poseidon and his girls over on the knoll pasture. 
Maybe, we will mosey over there next week.

(I am so excited to be a part of this amazing group of walkers put together by urban.prairie.forest to honor her Grandma Jean.  Thank you for this wonderful project!)

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