Weekly Top Shot

Perhaps not the finest or best composed shot of the week, but definitely a family favorite as we caught Siar shaking off her blanket of snow.
(Just as she was successful in shaking it off, so too are we hopeful that this is the beginning of the shepherdess/s shaking off a week of winter blues.)
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14 thoughts on “Weekly Top Shot

  1. What a beautiful shot!Sheep always look so pretty in the snow.
    Thank you for logging onto my blog and leaving a comment, really! If you would not have done that I would have never found your blog! It's amazing! I am now a new follower!
    Thanks again,

  2. One by one, the first breaking the path… I agree about the colors in that night shot from my post today, the colors are rich and pleasing… you'll have to post what you gleaned from it if you do some dyeing… Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #69!

  3. I love seeing the sheep in the snow! There are very few sheep in this part of the country anymore, and I certainly haven't seen any walking in a deep snowy path.

  4. What a beautiful photo. I don't know what it is about country photos with sheep in them, but I could look at those type of photos all day ! Looks like the snow hit you as hard as it hit us down here in New England.

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