Much Ado about Something

There has been much picture taking, discussion and general excitement on the farm today; excitement that actually started 2 years ago with a 4-H market lamb.  Bella placed very well at the Buckwheat Festival that year and was bought and given back to Lena to return to the farm flock. Lena decided to try breeding her (a Suffolk/Hampshire cross) to our Border Leicester ram to see what type of lambs would result, and if they would be anyways close to being a festival worthy market lamb, putting her with Liam earlier than our regular breeding season to get an appropriate aged lamb. As they say…the best laid plans often go awry. Bella ended up getting marked 3 breeding cycles…possible because of an oversite by us not realizing that Sampson, being the protective guard dog that he is, may not have been allowing proper breeding activity.

Well. today they arrived, the long awaited:

Two of the cutest little ‘mule’ ewes we have had ! Weighing in at 7 lb 10 oz and 6 lb 10 oz.

There has been a lot of excited talk and picture exchanging about the new ones….name discussions, buying offers, …
Freckles and Speckles?  Alice and Renesmee?
Whatever their resulting names…those adorable spotted faces are sure to bring smiles to many.
We will be keeping a close eye on their progress over the next few months. Another ‘donated back to exhibitor’ market lamb, Katniss, awaits to be bred this fall. 

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