Catching a Glimpse

In between all the feeding, watering, fence moving, mucking out, and everyday farm chores, we are feeling so blessed to catch these glimpses of first breath, first steps, the first signs of independence.

The farm air is filled with sweet little lamb baas and mamas’ answering nickers.

Today’s a big day as we move the yearlings and attempt to bring the mamas and lambs back into the barn for shots and a health check.  All the while keeping an eye on the ewes that have yet to lamb.  Wish us luck… this first time getting everyone back to the barn can turn into a real comedy!

3 thoughts on “Catching a Glimpse

  1. So often your sheep look like they are smiling. You must make them very happy. Thanks for sharing this wonderful time of year. I read all your posts and then post them for my Grandmother, they brighten her day.

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