In the Pasture

The pasture is a very busy place this time of year.  The ewes are hard at work raising their growing lambs.  We’ve been lucky the past couple weeks that although the sun has been hot, their has been a lot of rain.  The pasture grass has been growing at a pace that it’s keeping ahead of the flock.  Another pasture rotation is in the works, and the ewes and their lambs are moving into the knoll paddock.
Although the rain has been a real blessing for the pasture and the cisterns, it has prevented us from getting any more hay in the barn.  We’ll just keep watching for a three day break in the storms.
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3 thoughts on “In the Pasture

  1. I love seeing your sheep! I honestly wish it were colder here so I could have a pair of my own, but it just doesn't seem fair to subject a wooly animal to the heat we get here.

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