Anatomy of a Cowl

Farm Grown – this cowl began its life on the backs of our beautiful Coopworth ewe, Havva, and our big guy Moe.   Havva and Moe were sheared and their wool was gently hand-washed. Havva’s wool was then hand-dyed, but Moe’s was left in its natural shades of brown. Their wool was then hand-picked, carded, hand-spun and plied. It is hand-knit on large needles to produce a lovely, light but very warm chunky cowl. 
From sheep to cowl… from our field to your home…

7 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Cowl

  1. This is so beautiful! so are you selling this?? I recently visited a sheep farm in Door county Wisconsin who has a large barn with a gift shop inside of it where they seel their wool products from their sheep. I bought several things there as i just love products like this. Also visited a similar llama farm a couple of years ago. do you do an etsy shop, or are you just selling this lovely cowl. ?? Beautiful, and i am interested. Love the stories behind hand made things like this.

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