Signs of Spring

Coltsfoot, daffodils, maple tree blooms, bulging bellies and finally…
Little Mister 1401 – born on Saturday, out of Maire (my+ra), one of the yearlings, and an unidentified suitor.  He is small, weighing 7 lbs 8 ozs but really just the right size as Maire is a yearling and not yet producing much milk.  We were a little worried, but he is gaining weight so we’ll let him continue to ‘encourage’ her to produce more.
The remainder of the lamb arrivals will be pretty spread out as it took as several weeks to get all the breeding groups in place last fall.  The timing should be pretty good as the pastures are just beginning to green-up after the long, harsh winter.

3 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Yes, the size of my babies too 🙂 He is darling! I could get lost gazing at those whorls of fleece. The daffs too! I keep waiting for our spring flowers to make an appearance. Alas, today there is snow. Sigh.

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