Lambing Time

Lambing has begun in earnest, with the first little group let out into the pasture yesterday afternoon. Temporary fence building to divide the pasture, moving troughs, setting up mineral stations, mucking out the lambing jugs, rebuilding jugs to get ready for this bigger group of mamas who are ready to pop… it was a full day.  In the midst of everything two sets of twins were born.  It’s busy but we’re happy things are underway. It’s worth every exhausting minute to have the opportunity to see moments like this… when Little Miss 1402 discovers the big, beautiful world.
More lamb photos here.

3 thoughts on “Lambing Time

  1. Oh will be excited to see all of these adorable babies! Hoping that every mama does her job just perfectly and that all of those babies are very healthy!

  2. What a beautiful Little Miss 1402! The most cute lamb i ever have seen! Wonderful photos made with much love and a loving heart for your animals! Congratulation and good luck for all mamas and lambs at Sheeps and Peeps Farm!

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