While We Were Lambing

During lambing season, we decided to take the back way home to catch a glimpse of the wildflowers.  The beautiful show of white trillium, red trillium, trout lily, wood geranium and violets made the trip up the steep, narrow, rough road well worthwhile.
Each time we come home this way our thoughts are drawn to what must have been going through the minds of our Great-Great Grandparents Andrew and Amy and our Great Grandparents David and Hannah as they made this trip by horse and wagon carrying all their worldly possessions to our high mountain home.
What a blessing it is to have the opportunity to travel so often in their ‘footsteps’.

3 thoughts on “While We Were Lambing

  1. Lovely post and pictures. I have similar thoughts when I find myself high on a hill in the woods next to an old fence post. Who worked on this hill in the hot sun years ago putting in a fence line for their livestock …. ?

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