Ode to Samson

A little over 12 years ago we brought home this beautiful, enthusiastic Komodor.  He was the runt of the litter and covered with bite marks from his litter mates.  We gave him a big, strong, brave name – Samson.

Growing into his name, Samson became a brave and caring guardian of the flock, family and farm, taking his responsibilities very seriously as he patrolled the perimeter of the pastures.

Three years ago, Mother Nature, in her own time and season, took charge of our planning, scheming, counting, watching and waiting and at the age of nine, our Sam proved everyone wrong as he and Bella became parents of seven beautiful puppies.  We are so blessed that three of them, Asher, Birka and Red are following in his footsteps guarding the flock.

And so it is that as all stories come to an end, it was with great sadness, that we had to put our brave Samson to sleep yesterday.  We buried him in a corner of his beloved pasture.  He was a great friend and companion, and lived a full and happy life.  Still… we are heart broken.

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