Introducing More Lambs

  We have two more sets of colored twins. These are both fathered by Poseidon. Poseidon The mom’s are Fiona and her niece Nuala two more of our Coopworth X Blue-faced Leicester ewes from Deer Run Sheep Farm. 100_7309 100_7310 We are really excited that they each had 1 ram and 1 ewe. Two more possible stud rams for a special spinner’s flock, and 2 ewes for us to keep. 100_7311 100_7312 100_7313 It is  going to be fun to watch what develops from the Wensleydale influence on the BFL. Should be some more very uniquely pretty and soft colored fleeces.

2 + 2+ 1 =

. . .  5 ram lambs Three more lambs yesterday. A set of twin rams from one of our Coopworth/Blue faced Leicester cross lambs that we purchased from Martha at Deer Run Sheep Farm.  This is Neala as a lamb with her beautiful full fleece: 618 And yesterday, all grown up and recently sheared, attending to her two new ram lambs. 100_7216 One of them weighed in at over 9 pounds, the other at almost 13 pounds. This is the big boy looking for his first meal.   100_7215 Later, yesterday evening, when going to close up the guinea coop for the night, Jill our only Romney cross ewe was in the process of delivering her first lamb that looked pretty large. With a little assistance, she delivered a hefty ram that weighed over 12 pounds and has sturdy ‘Clydesdale’ legs. This is our Jill as a lamb. We so hoped she would give us a ewe lamb. Maybe next year. 722_oct_07[1] And Here is Jill yesterday, with her new lamb. He looks almost halve as big as she is! 100_7230ed And here he is showing off his hefty, wooly legs. He is a sturdy boy. 100_7234 So, now we are up to – let’s count together — one, two, three, four, five. And did I mention they are all rams??????

Coopworth X Blue-faced Leicester ram lamb for sale

We are pleased to offer Sheeps and Peeps 701, ‘Goliath’, for sale. He is great looking ram with a very sturdy build and a wonderful fleece, shown here at about 120 days old.

Born: February 28, 2007
Sire: Deer Run Whitman, Registered Coopworth
Dam: Deer Run Fiona, Coopworth X Blue-faced Leicester
Birthweight: 12 lbs 8 ozs
60-day weight: 58 lbs