Essential Equipment

Essential winter equipment for these farmgirls
** 100% waterproof
** cold-tested down to -40 degrees
** non-slip sole that kicks away dirt

So pretty, bright and cheerful, they make us smile on even the most grey, wet, cold, miserable mornings (so far anyway).  We love these boots!
Here’s hoping that they fit our snow-shoes. 
Well… honestly… here’s hoping that we won’t need our snow-shoes this winter.

Signs of Spring

We anxiously wait each year for this – coltsfoot blooming by the roadside. This is the first wildflower that appears in our neck of the woods. It is a very welcome sight at the end of what is almost always a long winter.

Another sure fire sign of spring is that our stylish barn footwear has gone from this

to this!
Nothing brightens the day quite like a pair of yellow ladybug boots!