The Weekend

A challenging weekend…

— battled wind (20 to 30 mph) and snow (honestly have lost track of how many inches) to feed and tend the flock
— windchills of -12 to -17 degrees turned water to slush in a matter of minutes; fumbled around to get insulated sleeves on the rabbits’ waterers but then the little ball bearings in the tubes froze
— blowing snow closed the church road several times, but the Ranger once again proved to be a determined drift buster, and we were able to make it over to the other pasture with hay for Saul’s breeding group
— celebrated every single time the sun weakly peeked through the snow-laden clouds
— managed to trudge back to the fiber room and get a couple more lambs’ fleeces skirted and finished another piece of contract knitting {happy dance}
and last but most definitely not least…
— discovered that in an emergency, pink insulated underwear makes an excellent winter face mask!