Mother Nature has proven her resilience once again. After a somewhat mis-managed incubation period, (mixed up dates and unplugged incubator for starters … ‘somewhat’ may be a generous choice of words) several chicks still survived and hatched just when we were about to give up on them. We moved them to the brooder box and they got lots of attention. To avoid a lot of heat loss:   100_8199   Lena cut out observation holes which work really well:   100_8202 100_8203 It was one of those “Why didn’t we think of that before?” moments.

First Guinea Eggs!

When we went to feed this evening, we were surprised to find two little guinea eggs in the coop!

They are very small as you can see when they are placed in a regular egg carton. (To incubate or not to incubate that is the question.)

The guineas have developed into lovely birds with these beautiful facial features which are kind of fluorescent in the twilight.

There is now no hesitation when the coop is opened in the morning. They hop right out and rush into the barn to their feed pan.

At the slightest sound at least one of them pops their head up to see if it is necessary to sound the alarm.

Once they are assured that everything is right with the world, off they go to explore.