Canning Box of Color

What do you do with a school snow day? Dye wool of course.
On a recent snow day we got out some carded lamb’s wool batts and tried some kool-aid and easter egg dyeing.

We used tiny sponge rollers that came in some kind of paint-on easter egg dyes a few years back. They seemed to work really well.

Everyone got in on the artistic fun.Then saran wrap and to the microwave.Then to the drying rack.The left over dyes went to locks for a canning box of color!Pics of spun dyed batts to follow soon.

Warm Wooley Hats

I have recently finished two hats made from my spindle-spun yarn:

The beautiful brown was gifted to us from our coopworth cross ewe Hera. The blue yarn is spun from wool we dyed in a spinning/dyeing classes we participated in.

It is so fun, and such a feeling of pure accomplishment, to make something starting from the very beginning of the process — raw wool.

This one looks better on a model!

Ohh, they are so warm!!!!

Thank You Hera!

Wool Socks

Finished these scrumptious wool socks recently. They are made from 100% superwash merino wool sock yarn — “mountain sunset” from . The pattern is from Knitting Vintage Socks book by Nancy Bush. (Received both the yarn and the book at Christmastime– THANK YOU to my sisters!) They were really fun to knit and are yummy and warm to wear. Hopefully soon we will be knitting socks from our own handspun wool.

And . . . Oh Yeah . . . Guess I should mention . . . It’s snowing again . . .