Spinning Easter Egg Painted Roving

  Using two different batts that we colored with Easter egg dyes and kool-aid, I spun this colorful little skein on the drop spindle. 100_7194 I stripped each of the two batts into narrow strips and alternated them on the spindle. 100_7189   It made a beautiful mix of greens and oranges. 100_7191 Will make great colorful stripes in a hat or scarf.  Hmmm….. 100_7193   Any ideas????

Spinning With Color

Sheeps and Peeps’ youngest spinner, Lena, age 11, has been designing and spinning with the Easter egg and koolaid dyed roving and locks.

First, she has been spinning on the spindle with one of her painted rovings from the previous post with the following progress so far:

And she also has been designing spinning batts using wool from one of our our Lincoln cross ewes layered with stripes of the carded locks from the canning box of color adding generous amounts of angelina for sparkles. Some of these were given as Christmas presents to her aunts. But, she couldn’t resist spinning up some for herself on the Minstrel with this result:

These batts were each rolled lengthwise and the pulled into roving which made a beautiful blend of colors.
Great job, Lena!! We can’t wait to see what you create with these yarns.

Canning Box of Color

What do you do with a school snow day? Dye wool of course.
On a recent snow day we got out some carded lamb’s wool batts and tried some kool-aid and easter egg dyeing.

We used tiny sponge rollers that came in some kind of paint-on easter egg dyes a few years back. They seemed to work really well.

Everyone got in on the artistic fun.Then saran wrap and to the microwave.Then to the drying rack.The left over dyes went to locks for a canning box of color!Pics of spun dyed batts to follow soon.