Miss Lucy

Curly and Miss Lucy… Lucy and Curly… honestly, what can you say about these two. There’s Curly – not the most attractive ewe in the flock, but she sure produces beautiful lambs (even if they are accidental), and she is a most wonderful mother. Then of course, Miss Lucy – already a very strong personality, the first-born ewe of this season, and she really thinks that she pretty much runs things around here. Both guaranteed to put a big smile 🙂 on your face whenever you visit the pasture.

Miss Lucy and Hebe, our first black and silver ewe lamb 613, pre-twinning.

Growing Up Fast

Our little ram lamb, 905, is growing up fast. Born on March 27th, now just 5 weeks old, he is hanging right in there with the big sheep. He has become pretty independent, but still hangs out with his mama at the hay feeder. He is becoming quite stocky, and catching up quickly to his first-time mama, Jill.


  Our first ewe of the 2009 lambing season! We have been watching Curley very closely since we realized that she had unintentionally gotten bred. (At least we did not mean to have her bred, obviously someone had other intentions having to cross the fence to accomplish the feat) Curley is our only pure bred Romney ewe,  is getting very old, and has prolapsed in the past. But, she also produces a very beautiful black fleece to earn her keep.  curly_fleece_mar_07[1] So, this year we got a bonus, a ewe lamb. And without dealing with a prolapse.  100_7238 A black and silver 14 lb 5 oz ewe. 100_7242 She should be able to hold her own with all those pesky boys. 100_7247 They looked really worried don’t they?