Weekly Wrap Up

The last week of January…

Big shop update – yarn, raw wool, washed wool, mini batts and more!

Jack and Jill Handspun yarn
Joyce’s beautiful fleece
2-ply fingering farm yarn

We made farm cheese and yogurt this week. We’re going to miss our dairy making chores while the girls are dry.

Our 29 Day projects with The School of Nomad Arts began on Saturday – so much to look forward to.

A little snow this week but not enough to keep the mud at bay. We’re all a little soggy from so much rain.

Highlight of the week – Lambing Season 2020 has begun! Charlotte, of the 2018 border leicester royal triplets, is the first to give birth. Welcome to the farm family beautiful little ewe.


At the suggestion of my son, I took to the rainy woods yesterday to look at the world through a different (camera) lens.

So with one of my trusty companions

and an enthusiastic audience

I walked gently through the rain, gathering inspiration for our ‘being (t)here’ classes in The School of Nomad Arts… looking forward to the ‘rebel stitching’ and ‘shibusa felting’ that will follow.

Thank you, India Flint, for encouraging us to be grounded and truly see our world.