solstice to solstice :: hot

Like most of the rest of the country, we are experiencing extremely high temperatures for this time of year.  We are all seeking shade… wherever we can find it… a little patch here… a bigger patch there.  Every patch of shade has been filled with a resting animal, waiting for the sun to set for a little bit of relief.  We put a hook and eye on the big door of the small chicken coop so that it can be kept open for a little more air circulation.  This, of course, has been a great source of amusement for the chickens, at least those who are not hunkered down in the shade under the coop.
Appropriately enough, urban.prairie.forest chose HOT as the word for week one of the thirteen weeks of summer.  We’re joining in today, and when you get a chance check out all the wonderful contributions in The Solstice to Solstice Flickr pool.