Sheep Feeding Olympics

Feeding the sheep has become a 3 to 4 hour series of Olympic events

Weight Lifting

Snow-Shoeing (beyond the blower-paths, it is nearly impossible to get anywhere without snowshoes)

The Human-Tractor Pull (would really like to magically transform this event into bob-sledding… no luck so far)

A Gold Medal goes to Terry for his Olympic-proportion snow-blowing, keeping these narrow roads, old logging roads and paths open, enabling us to reach all the sheep.

And, a very special Gold Medal goes to our Lantz Ridge neighbors, Junior and Alma, for the best production of icicles!

A special Olympic shout-out to those orange-clad Dutch Speed Skating Fans! We are crazy about them… from their orange pig-tail wigs to their great spontaneous celebrations!
(Honestly… it’s really all about the orange pig-tail wigs.)