Winter treat

Who wouldn’t take advantage of this extremely rare 60-degree December day and enjoy an afternoon walk? Raven and I started down the hill and were soon joined by an unexpected companion.

Davita… who has now decided that she is (a.) not a barn cat, (b.) resident house cat, (c.) Raven’s friend and companion. Please note that there is not one person or animal on the farm that has agreed with her on any of these decisions.
On this quiet, cloudy day this maple tree ‘skeleton’ looks serene.
Raven stopped on the knoll at the last patch of snow for some refreshment.

We all enjoyed exploring this rock ledge on the side of the knoll. All the colors in the woods have a lovely misty, muted and somewhat grey hue on this cloudy day.

Davita took some time out from our walk to climb this pretty little tree.

Heading back toward the house, we stopped to contemplate the beauty of this oak tree. Don’t you think that the base of the tree looks like the perfect location for a fairy door? Hmmm…

Toward the end of our long walk, Davita began to complain often and loudly. When we finally made it back to the house she had a long rest near the little grove of arborvitae. I am not sure if she will decide to join us for a walk again, anytime soon.
This warm, winter walk was a wonderful afternoon treat during what has already been very cold and very snowy weather.

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