Barncat ~ Muffy

Catching this glimpse of Muffy in the setting sun, caused a flow of memories…
She came to the farm in a group of strays that the kids picked up at the bottom of Rowlesburg hill.  (They were taken in by the old cat trick ‘put the cute little black kitten in the middle of the road, and when the people stop, we’ll all run out of the woods’.)  Muffy had a series of health setbacks… a warble in her neck… then a worm that attacked her spine.  She was on so much medication that it was months before her dilated pupils contracted.  She does not enjoy the company of cats, but she will bring her grown-up kittens ‘gifts’.  She thinks that Raven is her dog (much to Raven’s dismay).  She should probably be someone’s house cat, but through a twist of fate… circumstance… karma… destiny… she is our barn cat.  Our Muffy… she is a survivor.   

One of the lavender guineas had been MIA for a day and a half. Yesterday was very cold and very windy, and New Year’s day dawned sunny and a frigid 10-degrees. We hadn’t really looked for the young guinea hoping that she was hunkered down somewhere safe. About half way through feeding this morning, we started hearing a ‘buck–wheat’ but could not figure out where it was coming from. Finally, we looked UP…

There she was pacing back and forth, back and forth across the very top of the barn roof…
“Buck-wheat! Buck-wheat! Buck-wheat!”
We decided to open the little door on the coop, hoping that the other young guineas would answer her and she would somehow fly down.
Well she finally did.

She flew all the way down to the trees at the bottom of the hill. There she is smack dab in the middle of that picture, that light grey blob in the top of the tree. We didn’t go down there fearing that she might fly farther down the hill and into the woods on the other side of the fence. Our patience was finally rewarded when she flew back up the hill and we got her safely inside the coop.

This is the second incident this week involving a roof. Earlier our schizo, non-barn, dog-friend cat decided that her best view into the house was from the gazebo roof.

She finally came down, to go to the barn to eat.

Winter treat

Who wouldn’t take advantage of this extremely rare 60-degree December day and enjoy an afternoon walk? Raven and I started down the hill and were soon joined by an unexpected companion.

Davita… who has now decided that she is (a.) not a barn cat, (b.) resident house cat, (c.) Raven’s friend and companion. Please note that there is not one person or animal on the farm that has agreed with her on any of these decisions.
On this quiet, cloudy day this maple tree ‘skeleton’ looks serene.
Raven stopped on the knoll at the last patch of snow for some refreshment.

We all enjoyed exploring this rock ledge on the side of the knoll. All the colors in the woods have a lovely misty, muted and somewhat grey hue on this cloudy day.

Davita took some time out from our walk to climb this pretty little tree.

Heading back toward the house, we stopped to contemplate the beauty of this oak tree. Don’t you think that the base of the tree looks like the perfect location for a fairy door? Hmmm…

Toward the end of our long walk, Davita began to complain often and loudly. When we finally made it back to the house she had a long rest near the little grove of arborvitae. I am not sure if she will decide to join us for a walk again, anytime soon.
This warm, winter walk was a wonderful afternoon treat during what has already been very cold and very snowy weather.