One of the lavender guineas had been MIA for a day and a half. Yesterday was very cold and very windy, and New Year’s day dawned sunny and a frigid 10-degrees. We hadn’t really looked for the young guinea hoping that she was hunkered down somewhere safe. About half way through feeding this morning, we started hearing a ‘buck–wheat’ but could not figure out where it was coming from. Finally, we looked UP…

There she was pacing back and forth, back and forth across the very top of the barn roof…
“Buck-wheat! Buck-wheat! Buck-wheat!”
We decided to open the little door on the coop, hoping that the other young guineas would answer her and she would somehow fly down.
Well she finally did.

She flew all the way down to the trees at the bottom of the hill. There she is smack dab in the middle of that picture, that light grey blob in the top of the tree. We didn’t go down there fearing that she might fly farther down the hill and into the woods on the other side of the fence. Our patience was finally rewarded when she flew back up the hill and we got her safely inside the coop.

This is the second incident this week involving a roof. Earlier our schizo, non-barn, dog-friend cat decided that her best view into the house was from the gazebo roof.

She finally came down, to go to the barn to eat.

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