Ram Cram Winter 09

Time for the semi-annual ‘Ram Cram’ – a great management tool we learned from The Lavender Fleece web-site. Hercules, Saul, Goliath and Poseidon are pictured above in the small pen getting ready to move to their post-breeding pasture. We keep them together in this small pen for 24 hours. Much of the post-breeding ‘wrestling’ is done in this time window. When they are moved to the pasture, they are more concerned about food and water than the other rams. This system has worked out very well for us (knock on wood).

Our lead ram, Liam, is not with the others as we will move him into a pen with some older ewes until shearing. He tends to run himself ragged during breeding, and needs a little ‘down-time’ to get back up to prime condition.

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