Much of the Same

This post has been in the works all week, and we’ve really struggled to get it done.  We had one almost spring-like day, but much of the week has looked like this.  Much like Bella, we’ve been plodding along.  The bred ewes are devouring 200 – 250 pounds of hay a day, cleaning up every last, little bit.  The hogget ewes are growing out and have been very entertaining of late when we arrive to feed.  Running through the snow, jumping up and down, they bring a smile and sometimes we can’t help but laugh out loud.  And, of course that brings us to the barn cats.  They are always eager to provide entertainment.   The latest toy has been a discarded box that has received so much cat love, we’re reluctant to throw it away.
Hope you’re having a wonderful morning, and not digging out from under too much snow.

Barn Helpers

While the weather outside has been frightful, life in the barn has been delightful for the barn cats.  They are always eager to help, following along as we trudge through the snow usually complaining loudly all the while.  Anxious to get back to the barn, there they are always ready to provide more help and a good dose of entertainment.  Spot, of course, is always enthusiastic about a game of cat and mouse.

While we thought that Muffy, the dog lover, was being unusually cat-friendly with Pumpkin snuggling up with her for warmth.  In reality, she was just trying to annoy her enough to get her to move from what Muffy has claimed as her napping spot.
And Davita… what can you say about Davita… well, her motto is “Leave no bucket unturned.”  If you are ever trying to track her down, just follow the trail of over-turned buckets.  It will lead right to her.
If you’re looking for a little more farm entertainment, please head over to Sprout ‘n’ Wings Farm.  Michaele has a wonderful post about “The Winter Farm”.

2013 Calendar Give-A-Way!

Are you still looking for a gift for that wanna-be-shepherd?  sheep enthusiast?  peep partisan?  lamb lover? feline fancier?  dog devotee?  May we suggest our 2013 Sheeps and Peeps Farm Calendar!  A 12 month, spiral bound, 8 1/2 X 11 inch wall calendar, printed on high-quality paper, it features scenes from a year at our fifth-generation family farm in wild and wonderful West Virginia. Each month has a photo or collage showing something that usually occurs on the farm during that time.

You can order it through our Etsy Shop or our Big Cartel Shop.

To celebrate the holiday season we are giving one away to a lucky blog reader. To enter the give-away simply comment on today’s post.. Comments will be closed on Sunday at 8 p.m. and the winner chosen by Random Number Generator. Good luck everyone!
Comments will be closed on Sunday at 8 p.m.
And the WINNER is – Isaiah Jenkins from Deer Path News!
Many thanks to all who commented!

A Message From Muffy

Before we head out to tackle fallen trees, shattered fiberglass posts, bent and broken temporary fencing, all the while trying to avoid the attention of two very large, free roaming rams… Muffy wanted to let you know that she has been very busy also, having significantly reduced the rodent population in the past week.  The proof, of which, she has brought as gifts to her human friends.  She says, “Hey, I’m just doing my job.”
Hope you have a wonderful day!  It’s cold here, but the sun is shining!