Pink and Asher’s Excellent Adventure

Pink and Asher are two very curious pups.  Under the corral gate and off to explore they go.  Just a few yards into the pasture and they can watch the big girls in Liam’s paddock.  They really love to watch them and are on their best behavior… no barking, just a lot of ‘guarding’.  Then when we call “Come, puppies, come”, they squeeze back under the corral gate and come running. It is so wonderful to observe their natural inclinations to be good livestock guardian dogs.

Puppy Update

The puppies were four weeks old yesterday. They have begun to eat a little solid food and are becoming very active.They all display good livestock guardian instincts, such as barking when someone comes in the barn door.
Both parents are working livestock guardians and provide protection to our flock.
Belladonna is a registered Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese 
Samson is a purebred Komondor 
The puppies were wormed at three weeks. We do not have an available date yet as we are taking things slowly, watching closely to provide for the family’s growing needs.
There are two females and four males. Some of the puppies will be available to farm approved homes at $350

Puppy Pillows

The puppies are getting fat and sassy… slowly beginning to try to walk.  They look like tiny little tanks, trying to lift their bellies off the ground far enough to get around.  They are beginning to yip and yap a little also.  Still, their favorite activity is sleeping… snuggling, cuddling, using each other as little puppy pillows… all in their sweet little puppy piles.
Honestly, we could spend the entire day just watching them.

It’s a….. Surprise

About a year ago we had Bella and Samson to the vet and had some discussion about breeding.  For months and months we watched and noted and counted days… and watched and noted and counted days… and watched and noted and counted days.  And nothing happened.  Seasons turned and we turned to other tasks – shearing, lambing, hay making.  And then in the last few weeks, the kids started noticing a change in Bella.  She was a little grouchy and as they put it, becoming obese.
And so, in her own time and season, Mother Nature took charge and delivered the most wonderful surprise… actually seven beautiful surprises. We’re so proud of our wonderful mama and of course the papa too.

One of These Things

We’ve been playing a lot of “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other” for the last week or so.  With the heavy snowfalls and the apparently inherent ‘es-capability’ of hoggets, there has been an on-going game of musical pastures.  Each morning at feeding time everyone is moved back to their appointed pasture, and the next morning everyone is back in the barn paddock.  This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing except for the varying nutritional needs of the different groups.  We didn’t really have the time or energy to discover and repair the escape routes before the next round of snow began.  So for now… musical pastures it is 🙂

three :: mosey + plod

Come walk in the knoll pasture.  We might as well check the fenceline as we walk the perimeter.  This is a really hilly pasture, so I hope you’re wearing comfortable boots.

Bella has spotted us and comes running.  She is very excited to join us.

More excitement, as Bella has spotted a long, lost old bone

Looking up from the bottom of the hill, we can see that there’s plenty of shelter in this pasture – a small box shelter and plenty of trees that are the most popular spot in the pasture.

Walking a little farther, we discover a ground hog hole… actually we find four of them.  We’ll have to get them filled in before late spring.  They’re a danger to the sheep, and a real danger to the tractor drivers when we brush hog the pasture.

Now we have reached one of my favorite spots on the farm.  When you stand down here, it’s as if you are in the bottom of a bowl.  The steep sides of the pasture curve around.  You feel sheltered and protected.  It’s magical.

Our daydreaming is quickly interrupted because here come the girls over in the adjoining pasture.  They’re looking for breakfast.
Bella says we better head up the hill and get to the barn before the girls stage a break-out.  We pick up the pace and move on toward the top of the hill and morning chores.

2013 Calendar Give-A-Way!

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