Weekly Top Shot

Belladonna has been very busy, figuring out the new fencing configuration, and keeping track of her sheep.  We were reminded how lucky we are by a Flickr friend in Wisconsin whose guard dogs had a run in with coyotes this week.  Thank goodness, her dogs are going to be ok, and her sheep were not injured.  A good reminder to give Bella and Samson an extra hug this morning.  What a blessing they are!
Joining Madge at The View From Right Here for Weekly Top Shot 

Turkey Trot

It appears to be quite impossible to get a great photo, but the wild turkey hens and poults are seemingly everywhere.  They spent several days in the pasture with the yearlings and Samson.  They hung out by the chicken coop with Belladonna.  They spend a lot of time in the old barn hayfield, crossing the barn lane to disappear into the woods. They recently amused the lambs by spending a great deal of time in their pasture, and the lambs amused themselves by following the line of wild turkeys.  Not a big surprise, really… we all know that our sheep love a parade!

Bella’s Give-Away

Our big girl, Belladonna, celebrated her third birthday on Sunday!  To thank all of you who have watched her grow up here on the blog, she is having a give-away.  To enter just comment on this post.  You could win a special gift from Bella!  (Sorry… it’s so new that it has not arrived.  No… it’s not a puppy.)
Comments will be closed on Sunday at 8 p.m.  Comments are closed.  A winner will be announced shortly.

Weekly Top Shot

While Raven is technically not a working dog, if you told her any different she would be very insulted.  She makes the rounds of chores, and fiercely guards the farm and family.  As she is getting older and is having some arthritis problems, she does more waiting… as in ‘I know you’re coming back this way when you finish putting up that fence… I’ll wait right here in the shade.”

Joining Madge at The view from right here for Weekly Top Shot 

Sheeps and Peeps Calendars!

Well, they’re here… our first farm calendar!  It’s 8 1/2 X 11 inches, spiral bound and printed on high quality paper.  The good news is they are now available in our Etsy Shop, but wait… there’s even better news.  We are giving one away to a lucky blog reader. To enter the give-away simply comment on today’s post.. Comments will be closed on Sunday at 8 p.m. and the winner chosen by Random Number Generator. Good Luck!
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