Meanwhile, new life is springing up everywhere around the farm.  In the barn, the mama and papa barnswallow have raised a brood of fine looking fledgings.  After a couple weeks of dive bombing the barncats, they’ve left flown out on their own, sometimes returning to roost at night near the nest. 
The turkeys are making their way through the pasture, cleaning up bits of corn and oats, parading through morning and evening, sometimes with little ones trailing. 
Then, there are the twin fawns born in the pine grove paddock.  What a smart mama to have her wee ones in such a protected area.  Everyone is enjoying catching a glimpse of them now and then.

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Turkey Trot

It appears to be quite impossible to get a great photo, but the wild turkey hens and poults are seemingly everywhere.  They spent several days in the pasture with the yearlings and Samson.  They hung out by the chicken coop with Belladonna.  They spend a lot of time in the old barn hayfield, crossing the barn lane to disappear into the woods. They recently amused the lambs by spending a great deal of time in their pasture, and the lambs amused themselves by following the line of wild turkeys.  Not a big surprise, really… we all know that our sheep love a parade!

Caution – Turkey Crossing

Often when making a trip down the old barn lane to get hay we encounter wildlife – a bunny, a deer – we pause in the springtime to observe the first Robins in the hayfield, the blooms on the Mountain Laurel. But a few days ago we had a real treat.

We had to suddenly stop the Ranger because of these baby turkeys (poults) in the lane.

We could hear clucking and shortly found Mama Turkey peeking out of the hayfield on the left side of the lane.

After much more clucking and peeping, Mama Hen ventured out and proceeded to encourage her poults to cross the lane.

She and three poults crossed to the right side, but she continued to cluck. Then we heard more peeping, and out popped some more poults!
… and more…

… and more…

Finally after several minutes of clucking encouragement, everyone made it safely across the lane, into the tall grass on the right side and then further into the woods.

And we were given a lesson in slowing down… pausing… enjoying Mother Nature’s gifts.