Weekly Top Shot

All winter long, the shepherdess/s have been attempting to catch some photos of the cardinals at the feeders.  Many times there have been wonderful opportunities, but no camera within reach.  This fella sat, waiting patiently, in a tree right outside the kitchen window, a watchful eye on the feeder full of sunflower seeds.  He waited until the shepherdess tired of her perch on the step ladder and moved on to her chores, then he quickly flew down and sat happily munching away. 
Score: Cardinals – 15 // Shepherdess/s – 0
joining Madge at The View From Right Here for Weekly Top Shot

A Murder of Crows

After waking up to yesterday’s gothic-like weather of constant rain and fog, it was no surprise to hear a very loud flock of birds causing quite a ruckus.  It sounded like they were down in the hollow, but on the way to the old barn to get a load of hay, here they were.

Hundreds of crows literally covered the hayfield.  Many of them were visiting the puddles in the barn lane for a quick drink.

Holding my breath like Melanie Daniels in ‘The Birds’ (wink), I tried to slowly drive down the lane.  The crows stayed ahead of the ranger, constantly taking off and landing, all the while filling the air with their loud, racous cawing.   Some took to the trees, covering the tops like leaves.

As I got closer to the old barn, the crows flew faster and farther, heading down in the woods towards Wolf Creek.  By the time I backed up to the old barn doors to load hay, only a few remained in the tops of the trees… still scolding me loudly for disturbing their great gathering of crows.

If you haven’t had a chance to see Nature’s ‘A Murder of Crows’, please do so.  It is fascinating.  You will observe crows in a whole new manner.  You can watch it on-line here.

Remnants of Isaac

As if in answer to prayer, the remnants of Isaac arrived late Saturday afternoon and settled in with a steady rainfall that began to re-fill the cistern at the barn which had run dry.
Then just as the rain began to clear late Sunday afternoon, we were treated to the sight of two flocks in the graveyard field… our lamb flock and a large flock of wild turkeys.  The turkeys have spent a lot of time in the pastures this year.  It’s nice to see so many of the little ones have escaped the fox.   It is a joy to watch them, and we’re thinking that they might help with parasite load. 
We’re heading to the barn early today.  We’re scoring the lambs and then separating the ram lambs from the ewe lambs.  The ‘kids’ are growing up.