Late Winter

As we go through our normal day to day late winter chores, this year we’re busy getting ready for some early arrivals.  Nine of the ewes were bred early by two ‘bad boy’ fence jumping rams and are due, not in April with the rest of the flock, but in the next couple weeks.  It is a challenge to adjust our usual spring lambing and feeding routine to a winter one, but we’re working hard on the logistics.

We’re also working with Tilly, the family milk cow (wow, it feels really great saying that) who will be having her first calf in March.  We’re so excited about this addition to our family and our daily routine.  So wish us luck for the next month or so, it’s been a long time since we’ve milked a cow.  Oh, and be sure to stay tuned for the baby pictures ☺

Weekend Blues

What a blessing to be surrounded by these blue skies!  Most of the weekend was filled with the most beautiful February weather, and although it began to snow again Sunday afternoon, the air was filled with hope.  Because, you see, there were ROBINS! Not just one lonely, lost, what-am-i-doing-so-far-north robin, but dozens and dozens of ROBINS!  They were busy as can be in the hayfields and pastures.
So… we’re calling it.  It is officially Late Winter!  Late Winter!  (Please don’t tell us any different.)

Weekly Top Shot

All winter long, the shepherdess/s have been attempting to catch some photos of the cardinals at the feeders.  Many times there have been wonderful opportunities, but no camera within reach.  This fella sat, waiting patiently, in a tree right outside the kitchen window, a watchful eye on the feeder full of sunflower seeds.  He waited until the shepherdess tired of her perch on the step ladder and moved on to her chores, then he quickly flew down and sat happily munching away. 
Score: Cardinals – 15 // Shepherdess/s – 0
joining Madge at The View From Right Here for Weekly Top Shot