Dog Tales

The severe cold snap in the weather proved a challenge in making sure all were sheltered from the life threatening wind chills. All had good access to shelter but for the always – on – the – job guardian dogs….Sampson and Belladonna. Sam uses his doghouse frequently but Bella frankly refuses shelter, preferring to, at best, bed down in the downslope trees.
Thus, we decided to build a windbreak for Bella which was quickly claimed by Sam..and progressed into a two chamber shelter. ..then a tarped 2 chamber.
Finally as night fell and double digit temperatures kept falling with the wind gusts rising…and noone was using the architectural masterpiece..we decided to attempt bringing them in the barn for the night. Sam made himself right at home. Bella definitely did not appreciate being in, paced the floor, and escaped thru the gate to play ‘catch me if you can’ for a bit but both the barn and the dogs survived the adventurous night.

Our Dear Raven R.I.P.

Our Raven was a rescue puppy in the truest sense of the phrase.  She and her siblings, their umbilical cords still attached, were left on the doorstep of a shelter during the night.  The shelter workers saved all but one of the eleven puppies.  They were moved to a private shelter, and when we went looking for a puppy, there was Raven sitting off in a corner by herself, the quietest little thing there. 

She grew into a beautiful dog, so full of love.  A fierce protector of her family, if we had to go down over the hill, she would wait at the pasture gate until we returned.   The finder of lost possessions, she would bring you things that belonged to you – a glove, a credit card, even an ear of corn out of an open trash can.  She loved to ‘help’ you put on your shoes, and paw at your leg while you were eating breakfast.  She loved to play Sit, Shake, Lie Down and would do the whole routine whenever she saw a treat in your hand.   She was loved by the barncats, especially Muffy who definitely considered Raven, her dog.  She was our buddy, our sidekick; she loved to ride in the truck and was always ready for a trip to the feed store.  A happy dog, her tail never stopped wagging.  

After battling for weeks with prescriptons, diet, new routines and finally hospitalization, we lost our battle against kidney failure and had to put Raven to sleep on Monday.  We held her and surrounded her with love until the very end.  She was our constant companion and is deeply missed. 

Much of the Same

This post has been in the works all week, and we’ve really struggled to get it done.  We had one almost spring-like day, but much of the week has looked like this.  Much like Bella, we’ve been plodding along.  The bred ewes are devouring 200 – 250 pounds of hay a day, cleaning up every last, little bit.  The hogget ewes are growing out and have been very entertaining of late when we arrive to feed.  Running through the snow, jumping up and down, they bring a smile and sometimes we can’t help but laugh out loud.  And, of course that brings us to the barn cats.  They are always eager to provide entertainment.   The latest toy has been a discarded box that has received so much cat love, we’re reluctant to throw it away.
Hope you’re having a wonderful morning, and not digging out from under too much snow.