Lambing at Sunrise

(Traveling back in time to May 5th)  Sometimes it seems that things happen for a reason.  Had Meara not pushed out a water bag at 12:15 a.m.; had she pushed out that first lamb earlier than 5:30 a.m.; this beautiful, foggy sunrise would not have been witnessed from the pasture.
The sky looked pretty clear to the north, but the fog began to come up the hollow from Wolf Creek, enveloping the pasture and continuing to roll across the hayfield.  Light filled the sky and the air was filled with a lovely, rosey pink glow.  The misty fog remained, clinging to the ground… the color in the sky intensified and the sun rose high enough to be seen above the fog… a bright golden globe… SUNRISE!


From first light to the setting sun
the newer varieties with their flaring trumpets

the older than memory ribbon of blooms near the foundation of the old farm house
the old, enchanting doubles and the small, elegant singles
even after a remarkably mild winter
you cannot help but pause and admire their beauty

The daffodils are beautiful magnificent glorious this year