In a Cloud

The fog that began Saturday evening, was still clinging to the ground all day yesterday.  It was very surreal, kind of (what we imagine it would be) like walking around inside a cloud.  Although it wasn’t raining, you could not help but be drenched from the fine mist that constantly surrounded you.  In spite of chill in the air, it was really quite beautiful.

Weather Update:
Rain began during the night, and we now have been issued a blizzard warning from 6 p.m. tonight through 6 p.m. Tuesday, with the worst of it coming around midnight. Most of the leaves are now off the trees, so we’re just hoping the lights stay on. Stay safe everyone!

Lambing at Sunrise

(Traveling back in time to May 5th)  Sometimes it seems that things happen for a reason.  Had Meara not pushed out a water bag at 12:15 a.m.; had she pushed out that first lamb earlier than 5:30 a.m.; this beautiful, foggy sunrise would not have been witnessed from the pasture.
The sky looked pretty clear to the north, but the fog began to come up the hollow from Wolf Creek, enveloping the pasture and continuing to roll across the hayfield.  Light filled the sky and the air was filled with a lovely, rosey pink glow.  The misty fog remained, clinging to the ground… the color in the sky intensified and the sun rose high enough to be seen above the fog… a bright golden globe… SUNRISE!

Freezing Fog

This winter has been full of interesting weather, and Saturday was no exception.  We were in a fog, literally… All. Day. Long.  And not just any fog, we were in a freezing fog.  This occurs when liquid fog droplets freeze to surfaces.  Early morning the temperature was 33 degrees.  It had dipped to 27 degrees by late mornng and remained there the rest of the day.  Normally you would hear no complaints about a 27 degree day from these parts, but with all the moisture in the air, it was just miserable.  There was a running battle with icing gates, latches and doors.  We were all kind of soggy by the end of the day.
Now, lest you think we are complaining, we have to let you know that this is just a set-up for tomorrow’s post… pictures from Sunday… it was a spectular day!  In the meantime, please enjoy the soft mystery of the freezing fog… honestly, it really was quite pretty also. 

Sugar Coated Sunday

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event.  You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?”
— J. B. Priestley

Our first significant snowfall was to occur this weekend.  They were predicting an accumulation of 4 to 6 inches.  Instead, it spit snow off and on Saturday, and on Sunday we awoke to this magical, sparkling, sugar-coated world.

As the sun burnt through the fog, it began to heat up the snowy ground, and large billows of steam began to rise; creating another, almost surreal world where grazing ewes and newly shorn ewe lambs became mere shadows, spirits moving through the rising mist.