Freezing Fog

This winter has been full of interesting weather, and Saturday was no exception.  We were in a fog, literally… All. Day. Long.  And not just any fog, we were in a freezing fog.  This occurs when liquid fog droplets freeze to surfaces.  Early morning the temperature was 33 degrees.  It had dipped to 27 degrees by late mornng and remained there the rest of the day.  Normally you would hear no complaints about a 27 degree day from these parts, but with all the moisture in the air, it was just miserable.  There was a running battle with icing gates, latches and doors.  We were all kind of soggy by the end of the day.
Now, lest you think we are complaining, we have to let you know that this is just a set-up for tomorrow’s post… pictures from Sunday… it was a spectular day!  In the meantime, please enjoy the soft mystery of the freezing fog… honestly, it really was quite pretty also. 

6 thoughts on “Freezing Fog

  1. Have you ever considered making a book or a calendar with your photos? I think it would be wonderful and the second to the last picture would make a lovely contribution! 🙂

    We have been in the 70's all week. It's funny, I finally learned to knit [a life long dream], knit all kinds of things for Christmas gifts and now am still waiting for winter to remember us!

  2. oh, i hate that frozen moisture in the air! we will get it here, too, although rarely compared to your climate. but it freezes up the car doors, the gates, the locks. yuck!

  3. now, I feel absolutely horrible for you and yours dealing with the miserable frost and cold…sincerely, I do. But looking at your photos I just so badly want to give each and every sheep/chicken a warm and toasty hug!

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