Sunday Muse

Gradually along the range
All things exchange their light
For darkness.

Single oaks
On hills that burned with gold
Merge now in shadow,

And hawks sail out
Over the valley,
Its air like a mirror

Filling with night,
That takes our images
And does not return them,

Just as the pines
Blot out our voices,
And even the stones at our feet

Fade from sight.
Now only the stars
Have eyes,

And around us sounds
Of things we cannot see
Begin to rise:

The owl’s single note,
And the coyote’s cry.

“Night in the Mountains” by Heather Allen


From first light to the setting sun
the newer varieties with their flaring trumpets

the older than memory ribbon of blooms near the foundation of the old farm house
the old, enchanting doubles and the small, elegant singles
even after a remarkably mild winter
you cannot help but pause and admire their beauty

The daffodils are beautiful magnificent glorious this year

The Garden in Winter

The winter gardens lie in a blanket of white
Sleeping… waiting…
The Juncos enjoy the tiny seeds left behind by the last of summer’s weeds.
Seed catalogs… the stuff that dreams are made of… arrive.
We struggle to balance lofty ambitions and the certainty of time constraints.

Of Note:
Our dear blog-friend, Ann, is contributing to the new Dobies of Devon Gardening Companion – “words, images and ideas to inspire keen gardeners – young, old and ‘in-between”.  You might join us there.  With Ann’s contributions, it promises to be informative and entertaining.

The Light of Autumn Evenings

The bright, yet softly diffused, autumn light at sunset is making the transition to this season before winter much more pleasant.  We are still adjusting to the chill in the air and the rain, but we are feeling blessed as we have prayed for this rain for about six weeks.  The gardens are winding down, but apple picking is going strong.  We are preparing for the Shearing of the Lambs and the Turning in of the Rams, the two pivotal autumn activities here on the farm that are conducted with much fanfare and excitement.