Almost November

Well, the lambs are sheared and the fiber room is full to the brim of lovely fleeces just waiting to be skirted.  We’ve had our October snow and flirt with winter.  Thankfully it melted quickly.  The ewes are in their second paddock of the hayfield.  The rams have been walking the fence line, just waiting for their ladies to be readied for breeding.  It’s almost November, can you believe it?

Much of the Same

This post has been in the works all week, and we’ve really struggled to get it done.  We had one almost spring-like day, but much of the week has looked like this.  Much like Bella, we’ve been plodding along.  The bred ewes are devouring 200 – 250 pounds of hay a day, cleaning up every last, little bit.  The hogget ewes are growing out and have been very entertaining of late when we arrive to feed.  Running through the snow, jumping up and down, they bring a smile and sometimes we can’t help but laugh out loud.  And, of course that brings us to the barn cats.  They are always eager to provide entertainment.   The latest toy has been a discarded box that has received so much cat love, we’re reluctant to throw it away.
Hope you’re having a wonderful morning, and not digging out from under too much snow.