A Murder of Crows

After waking up to yesterday’s gothic-like weather of constant rain and fog, it was no surprise to hear a very loud flock of birds causing quite a ruckus.  It sounded like they were down in the hollow, but on the way to the old barn to get a load of hay, here they were.

Hundreds of crows literally covered the hayfield.  Many of them were visiting the puddles in the barn lane for a quick drink.

Holding my breath like Melanie Daniels in ‘The Birds’ (wink), I tried to slowly drive down the lane.  The crows stayed ahead of the ranger, constantly taking off and landing, all the while filling the air with their loud, racous cawing.   Some took to the trees, covering the tops like leaves.

As I got closer to the old barn, the crows flew faster and farther, heading down in the woods towards Wolf Creek.  By the time I backed up to the old barn doors to load hay, only a few remained in the tops of the trees… still scolding me loudly for disturbing their great gathering of crows.

If you haven’t had a chance to see Nature’s ‘A Murder of Crows’, please do so.  It is fascinating.  You will observe crows in a whole new manner.  You can watch it on-line here.

4 thoughts on “A Murder of Crows

  1. We have the same thing happen heren it's just amazing.
    I also have a few crows that wait every morning for me to feed the outside dogs since they have decided that is their favorite treat, or else they think they're dogs!

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