Like Mary Poppins’ Carpet Bag

There are many Amish farms in neighboring Maryland, and often when we go to the stockyard, farmers arrive in their horse and buggy.  We always admire their wonderful horses, and are reminded of stories of Great, Great Grandmother Amy and her beautiful buggy and horse.  While we were waiting, on Saturday, the buggy below drove up (it is a little larger than the one shown above).  A farmer and his daughter got out and took a bag full of eggs in to the auction.  A few minutes later, the farmer came out and removed a wooden crate with two small quail inside, up the steps and in to the auction they went.  Several minutes later, he was back in that Mary-Poppins-Carpet-Bag-Like-Buggy, and much to our surprise came around the side of the truck with a beautiful, little brown and white calf in his arms.  So, although there was a line of farmers and trucks waiting for the loading dock, we had to take time to pet and make-over that little calf with the big, beautiful eyes.  I’m kind of kicking myself for not making a deal in the parking lot and bringing that little fella home.  I think I could have hidden him in with the lambs…
at least for a little while 😉

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