Remnants of Isaac

As if in answer to prayer, the remnants of Isaac arrived late Saturday afternoon and settled in with a steady rainfall that began to re-fill the cistern at the barn which had run dry.
Then just as the rain began to clear late Sunday afternoon, we were treated to the sight of two flocks in the graveyard field… our lamb flock and a large flock of wild turkeys.  The turkeys have spent a lot of time in the pastures this year.  It’s nice to see so many of the little ones have escaped the fox.   It is a joy to watch them, and we’re thinking that they might help with parasite load. 
We’re heading to the barn early today.  We’re scoring the lambs and then separating the ram lambs from the ewe lambs.  The ‘kids’ are growing up.

7 thoughts on “Remnants of Isaac

  1. Maybe I just would have been a good shepherd (if I'd only recognized and followed my dreams many years ago.) When you mentioned the turkeys I immediately thought "eating parasites," even before you said it. Lovely photos.

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