Sunday Muse

Mt. Olivet

They sing of the church in the valley.
But my heart receives a great thrill
When I think of the home of my childhood
And the little white church on the hill.

It stands as a symbol of Gods love
And mother and father love too
For they went with us each Sunday morning
To show us the pathway so true.

God’s acre is near and our dear ones
Lie under its green grassy sod
Their lives have been our inspiration
We know they’ve gone home to God.

I’ve seen very beautiful churches
Some that I’ll never forget.
But none so dear as the church on the hill
The one that we call Olivet.

~ Great-Aunt Ida Dixon Price

3 thoughts on “Sunday Muse

  1. What a beautiful song! And a gorgeous church – I always love photographing country churches – some on my blog today! Hope you have a great Sunday!

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