Weekly Top Shot

While Raven is technically not a working dog, if you told her any different she would be very insulted.  She makes the rounds of chores, and fiercely guards the farm and family.  As she is getting older and is having some arthritis problems, she does more waiting… as in ‘I know you’re coming back this way when you finish putting up that fence… I’ll wait right here in the shade.”

Joining Madge at The view from right here for Weekly Top Shot 

6 thoughts on “Weekly Top Shot

  1. She's beautiful.. sad when they get to where they can't do much. I remember a couple years ago taking Tootsie and Candy (lab mix, mom and daughter) for a long walk down on the river. Candy was running ahead and I thought 'where's Toots?' I looked back and she had lagged way behind. I waited for her to catch up and then walked on.. again that happened several more times and then she simply laid down. She was a big dog (probably 90-100#) so I couldn't carry her back to the truck. We had to inch our way back and cut across a farmer's field to make the trek back shorter… Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #36!

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