Weekly Top Shot

Belladonna has been very busy, figuring out the new fencing configuration, and keeping track of her sheep.  We were reminded how lucky we are by a Flickr friend in Wisconsin whose guard dogs had a run in with coyotes this week.  Thank goodness, her dogs are going to be ok, and her sheep were not injured.  A good reminder to give Bella and Samson an extra hug this morning.  What a blessing they are!
Joining Madge at The View From Right Here for Weekly Top Shot 

12 thoughts on “Weekly Top Shot

  1. I'm glad your friend's dogs are ok.

    I've never commented on here before, but I thought now was as good a time as any to say hi! Plus, I love dogs. I'm a new reader – I found you via a photo you posted about the snow during Hurricane Sandy – maybe off Habit? Not sure. There was lots of snow anyway! I like your blog, so I stuck around. I live in a rural area in England so it's nice to see how you're farm life is run.

  2. SO thankful you have such faithful friends/servants for your farm… she looks very sweet… I see you still have snow on the ground… Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #59!

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