Other Weekend Highlights

** Naturally-dyed 12 ozs of lamb’s wool locks in a daisy dyebath, adding a little baking soda at the end to change the ph; aiming for chartreuse but resulting in a kind of bright, yellow-green; pretty but not chartreuse

** Carded some sun-yellow lamb’s wool for a roving project; washed some Border Leicester fleece

** Spent an hour tearing apart the fiber room looking for an escaped guinea keet; finally found hunkered down among small bags of wool on a shelf about 4 feet off the floor

** Cleaned out the ‘deep bedding’ pen in the barn; spread the manure on the graveyard field; many thanks to John, Terry, Jonathan, Megan and Lena for their help and 5 1/2 hours of hard work

** Watched the tree swallows doing some serious dive-bombing of the crouching until almost flat Davita cat

** And best of all, picked and enjoyed the first blueberries of the summer!

One thought on “Other Weekend Highlights

  1. Ahh….daisies and blueberries…two of my favorite things to look forward to here in the far north!

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